Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Little Corner of Evergreen Cemetery

I just love Evergreen Cemetery in Bloomington.  It’s an older cemetery, with many trees, and is very peaceful.  Back in the far northeast corner, in the Old City Section, is a small lot where approximately 70 U.S. military veterans are buried.  Many of these veterans served prior to the Civil War; a handful served after.   It’s hard to say if these folks died while serving our country.  Regardless, they did serve in one way or another and deserve to be recognized, honored, and remembered.




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In memory of the
unknown soldiers
of the Civil War
Erected May 30, 1928 By
R.J. Oglesby Circle 46
Ladies of the D.A.R.
Emma K. Daiger—Medora Weaver
Lillian Shelter Comm.


This article was written for the June 2009 edition of the GYR Carnival.  This edition’s theme is: Veterans’ Memorials.


Dorene from Ohio

A beautiful tribute to our Veterans!

Judith Richards Shubert

This is indeed a beautiful setting for the ones buried in Evergreen Cemetery. I love the curbing surrounding them and the decorative pieces on the stone at the step. Thanks for sharing this place with us. All of them do deserve our debt of gratitude and our remembering them.

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