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1865 Ad for Coffins

Coffin Ad Pantagraph 09-02-1865

This advertisement for coffins, a.k.a. burial cases, was in The Pantagraph (Bloomington, Illinois) on 2 September 1865.  The ads read as follows:

Ad 1



A good  assortment always on hand.

Also wood coffins of all sorts and everything pertaining
to the undertaking business.   H. JETER

Main Street, east side of public square.

Bloomington, July 24, 1863

Ad 2


A good assortment


Superior to any ever before offered in this city.
Also Hexagonal Wood Coffins; a new style, unsurpassed
in quality, and at moderate prices.  Hearse and attend-
ance [?].   J.L. WOLOOTT

No. 99 South Main Street.



What area of Illinois did the
Pantagraph newspaper cover?
Would it include McLean, DeWitt and
Piatt Counties in this time period?
Is this ad from Microfilm or another
source? I didn't know this newspaper
existed back to 1865, are there obits
or death notices? I am always looking
for new sources for my genealogical
research in Illinois.

Julie Cahill Tarr

Hi Jewelgirl,

The Pantagraph was (and still is) published in Bloomington and covers McLean County. It's been around since 1837. Everything's on film at the Bloomington Public Library. There are obits and death notices, but are not popular until the late 1800s. In fact, I just did a lookup for someone yesterday for 1881 and could not find it, however I did find one in another paper that was also published in the area in the late 1800s (The Weekly Bulletin); I don't know much about this's on film and I just happened to get lucky.

You can visit the Pantagraph online @


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